Why are business leaders outsourcing their IT?

Technology is taking over; it’s absolutely undeniable at this point. The success of your business may ultimately come down to the ways in which you implement (or fail to implement) new technologies in comparison to your competitors.  There are a number of challenges you may face as a business owner or decision-maker when it comes to determining what tech you actually need and how it’s going to impact your bottom line. This is why many businesses will make a move toward outsourcing part or all of their IT services  – especially in the small/medium business world. Here’s why:

1. Growing expectations from your employees and customers

Your clients, your prospects, and your employees expect to get the information they want, when they want it, and in a format they want. Even if your business doesn’t compete in a B2C world, major consumer and e-commerce brands have trained us all to expect tech integration and smooth user experience from all brands, regardless of size or industry. It’s important to understand your customer and employee needs as they relate uniquely to your business, but what you learn will likely have wide-reaching implications for you on multiple integrated cloud services, data security and backup, remote server access and more.

2. Increasing demand for tech labor

According to a survey by recruitment website Indeed.com, 9 out of 10 respondents said they were facing challenges finding and hiring candidates with tech skills.  See #1: Every business today is in the tech business, and everyone is snapping up coders, data scientists, software engineers, and support technicians. In case you were feeling pretty good about your tech labor pool, here’s some rain for your parade: Analysts say companies are struggling to keep up with the HR structure of today’s tech workplace, from up-to-date job descriptions to compensation and team structure.

3. The rising rate of technological change

One equalizer among businesses of all sizes is that they either have the ability to keep pace with technological change or they don’t. When you consider numbers 1 and 2 and then mix in your company’s culture and the rate of innovation… this can be a complex challenge for business leaders. How do you stay on top of constant product improvements while knowing what’s worth your spend and what’s just a gimmick? Determining where to splurge and where to save can be difficult and time-consuming. Your priorities don’t leave time for getting in the weeds of tech budgeting, but an outsourced IT provider is a pro at recommending what will best benefit your business.

How do you react as a business leader?

Successful businesses today need to be flexible, nimble, and investment-savvy. Not all technology needs to be managed internally, and for businesses whose core product isn’t technology, we argue that smart outsourcing allows organizations to decrease IT costs, increased access to new technologies, and improve product margins. You may simply need an IT provider, but if you’re looking for more of a partnership, we recommend downloading our guide to learn what a successful IT Partnership looks like.

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