Our Connectivity Promise

Our Connectivity Promise

Customized Solutions – Available Anywhere


Your guests are bringing more and more connected devices through your doors every day. In today’s tech-driven world, internet connectivity while traveling is no longer a luxury, it is a basic necessity. You go above and beyond to ensure that your guests have all the comforts of home in your guestrooms; now it’s time to make sure that extends to bandwidth. Let CCR help you earn your guests’ “Loyalty through Connectivity” with up to 99.999% guaranteed uptime – at any speed, in any location across the U.S. and Canada.

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Construction technology is advancing at incredible rates – and you’re jumping onboard to stay ahead of the competition. With self-monitoring equipment, mobile apps, Building Information Modeling, web-based Project Management tools, and WiFi-enabled project cameras, your Jobsite Connectivity needs have never been higher. CCR’s experts can customize a solution that will give you a faster, more reliable connection and improve productivity and profitability for your entire team.

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Travel Centers & Convenience Stores

Today’s travelers are looking for convenience on the road. You are constantly innovating ways to entice people into your stores and there are hundreds of initiatives you could implement, but none would serve your customers as effectively as easy, reliable internet. CCR serves hundreds of travel centers and convenience stores across the nation, ensuring travelers can relax and stay connected as they rest up to get back on the road.

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Other Markets

  • Wi-fi Providers
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Multi Dwelling Units
  • Retail
  • and More!
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Stay Connected

CCR (Circle Computer Resources, Inc.) was founded in 1986 and is committed to efficiently providing specialized IT services to clientele looking for unique solutions. CCR values the knowledge of its staff and their ability to stay current with the ever-changing trends in their field to provide the most viable and comprehensive services the market has to offer.

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