Circle Computer Resources Launches New Brand, ConstructEdge, to support digital transformation in the construction industry 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 01/06/20 - Circle Computer Resources (CCR) announced today the formal launch of its new brand, ConstructEdge. This business unit was formed in January 2019 to serve the construction industry with connectivity services for the field and has found great success within the market. By giving this unit its own brand identity, CCR [...]

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6 Signs Your Business Needs Help with Connectivity

The Internet has increasingly dominated the way the world operates since its inception. It's interwoven into nearly every corner of our existence, and it can no longer be overlooked as a critical component in every business function. If your relationship with your internet provider is less than you dreamed it’d be, that thought might be [...]

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Simplify Construction with Blockchain

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, then you’re sort of familiar with blockchain. Blockchain is the online secure ledger for Bitcoin. But Blockchain has more versatile uses than simply keeping a ledger for cryptocurrency, and with it, the possibility for whole new opportunities for the construction world.   Blockchain is a technological ledger for a community [...]

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Maslow’s Digital Needs for Your Construction Jobsite

Have you met Maslow? He’s the guy behind that triangle diagram that refers to human needs. While this relates to people in their personal lives, it also applies to the Internet of Things (aka IoT) and businesses. The construction industry is where business and the IoT intersect. Turns out, your jobsite has a hierarchy of [...]

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Using Big Data to Boost Construction Productivity

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about why businesses should leverage big data, but what’s the best way to approach the process?   What is Big Data? You’ve seen it everywhere – big data is a big buzzword in the construction industry (among others). But what is it? Big data refers to massive [...]

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4 Ways to Elevate Your Construction IT

Your IT department has it's hands full managing a multitude of tasks, so it's important to prioritize what tasks your internal team MUST accomplish and look at tasks that take up more time than they're worth. Those are the tasks you'll want to outsource. Instead of having your IT department handle administrative tasks like sourcing [...]

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How a Connected Jobsite Maximizes ROI on Telematics

Fleet tracking is enabling construction companies to further improve productivity, reduce waste, and streamline the jobsite. This technology is sometimes referred to as telematics, which are changing how construction companies manage people, materials, and equipment resources. The benefits for construction firms are endless, but there’s one key thing that all these benefits hinge on: your [...]

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Your Jobsite Needs Turnkey Connectivity

Is there anything more frustrating than being on hold with a telecom services company? Or calling your provider only to get passed around from one person to the next, with no improvement, no results, and a lot of wasted time? We talk about the pitfalls of big ISPs here and here. Often, construction companies choose [...]

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Mixed Reality for Construction: Better Than VR and AR

The days of 3D glasses bringing things to life in the real world are long past, and in its place, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have taken over for more than just entertainment. First, let’s establish their differences. Virtual Reality offers a life-like experience by immersing the user in a computer-generated world. Augmented [...]

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Overcome Connectivity Issues on the Jobsite

Getting a construction site prepped and ready to service your crew requires a lot of work, time, and resources. There's a long list of requirements to be met, often before you even begin to consider technology. Your teams need to leverage the tools you've invested in to expedite and improve the building process. Saving time [...]

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