Why Business Compliance is Important

If your business stores credit card information (PCI), works with sensitive health care documents (HIPAA), or works with personal financial information (GLBA), you have business compliance regulations to abide by. These can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’re running a small-to-medium business while wearing multiple hats. Even more complicated - compliance isn’t simply a “one [...]

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Prevent Banking Trojan Attacks on Your Organization

Threats litter the cybersecurity landscape, and they’re not going away anytime soon. From personal computer hacks to enterprise level wrecking ball attacks, simply having a firewall or an anti-virus program in place isn’t enough to keep your data safe.   It takes extensive training at all levels of an organization to appropriately prepare your employees [...]

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12 Types of Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Face

With over a dozen types of potential cybersecurity threats, protecting your business is seriously complex. 52% of small-to-medium businesses don’t have a dedicated IT department (or person), but rather, spread the duties across other roles who may not be the best defense against cyberattacks. This is startling when cross-referenced with the knowledge that 80% of [...]

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Your Healthcare Organization Needs to Urgently Consider a Managed IT Provider

Why should your organization care about technology? Simple: Security and compliance. In hospitals alone, the number of connected devices per bed falls in the 10-15 range. While connected devices take healthcare services to the next level, they do pose potential security threats.   The Data According to Arcserve’s 2018 data, “64 percent of global IT [...]

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The Cybersecurity Disaster Recovery Plan You Need

We’ve talked about creating a Technology Disaster Plan. We’ve provided a guide on how to recover from a physical technology disaster. Now, we’re going to address the importance of having a cybersecurity recovery plan in place.   Cybersecurity risks are harder to pin down than other types of business disasters. To quote Mike Osborne, founding [...]

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Protect Your Small Business from Cryptojacking

There’s a shift in cybercrime happening of the “silent but deadly” variety.   Instead of holding information hostage for ransom (to be clear, this isn’t going away), they hack into your system to use your network power for personal gain through a process called cryptojacking.   What Is Cryptojacking? To understand cryptojacking, you first have [...]

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The Importance of Strong Passwords (And How to Create Them)

You’ve probably heard about this a lot, but the importance of strong passwords really can’t be understated. Unfortunately, a lot of the “common advice” you’re probably following isn’t doing you much good.   If you’re thinking, “We’re a small business. What aren’t a multi-billion dollar company… They won’t target us,” think again. With small businesses, [...]

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Electronic Safety Checklist for Business Travel

Business travel is nothing new. Nor is taking technology along for the trip. But as we become more reliant on our tech, we must be more vigilant about our protection, especially with business documents. Hackers watch for unsuspecting business travelers. Before you go, make sure you've prepared your tech tools for secure travel.   Before [...]

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Simple Steps to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

In a recent article, we discussed the rise of cryptojacking affecting businesses. However, this doesn’t negate the prevalence of ransomware and data invasion as a hacktic.   According to the Ponemon Institute for IMB Security’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average time it takes to detect a data breach is 191 days, with [...]

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3 Tests to Assess Your Company’s Cybersecurity

We talk a lot about keeping your business safe from cybercrime, whether we’re addressing industry-specific issues, like those for healthcare and banking, or general tips to fight off phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and other major cybersecurity threats. But how do you know if the measures you’re taking to protect your business from cybercrime are working? [...]

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