This month, we’re tackling insurance coverage, analytics for IoT sensors, empowering tech champions, and addressing the need for cybersecurity regulation on digital tools for the jobsite. We even threw in an interactive map of some of the biggest construction projects taking place across the US. Check out what we’ve been reading, and feel free to share your comments with us on social!


3 Construction Technologies with Big Potential to Impact Your Insurance Coverage

This interactive infographic hits you with the high points of how certain technologies on your jobsite will potentially affect your insurance policies. With Big Benefits and Coverage Questions included, you should have a better sense of how these technologies can improve productivity and efficiency with reminders of additional questions you’ll have to ask in regards to coverage.


Time to Read: 10 min


Lessons About Digital Transformation from Risk-Averse Industries

Not only must companies invest in the technologies to help them keep up with digital advances, but they must invest in a mindset that is open to change and embraces innovation. Without full buy in, the power of these tools cannot be felt and the impact will be moderate to minimal, leaving higher ups frustrated that they’re not seeing a return on investment. Are you ready to revolutionize your organization?


Time to Read: 5 min


Analytics Platform Aims to Get the Most Out of Site Sensors

The rise of IoT sensors is incredibly helpful to providing rich insights into the jobsite ecosystem, but simply collecting all that data isn’t enough. Teams need powerful data processors to combine all of that information into reports that provide a wide-lens view of what’s taking place all over the jobsite. This can reveal trends that lead to reducing cost or improving productivity. With integration options, this analytic program can auto-alert teams to problems where before they required manual checking.

Time to Read: 3.5 min


Execs: To Ignite Innovation, Empower Tech Champions

We talked about the importance of having a technology advocate in your organization in a post about Construction Technology Innovators. This article encourages leaders to pool their talent base by empowering employees to share creative solutions. Often, innovation happens from problem-solving, and the best way to get there quickly is to create an environment where your teams are comfortable sharing off-the-cuff, sometimes wild ideas.


Time to Read: 3 min


Mapping High-Impact Construction Across the US

Want to know where all of the largest construction projects are taking place? Construction Dive’s interactive map lets you view where projects are happening with their interactive project tracker tool. With 9 categories located in the legend, most of the projects you’ll see are valued at $1 billion+ in spend.


Time to Explore: 3-8 min


Cybersecurity Legislation and Your Construction Business

With the development of so many new digitally connected, smart tools, regulation is revving up for all industries on how to best protect businesses from breaches and what practices must be in place to prevent data leaks. Weak passwords (or no passwords at all) are the bane of IoT devices. They’re easy to hack, and as we’ve seen in previous posts, their presence on the jobsite is only going to continue to expand. Stay in the know on legislation and regulation for your construction company.


Time to Read: 4 min


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