This month, we’re hammering on construction technologies and the many benefits they bring to construction teams. Boost safety, reduce risk, improve productivity… what’s not to love? Staying relevant requires adapting, and we are in the age of digitization. Don’t forget to make sure your site is properly connected before you rely too heavily on applications that require service.


9 Augmented Reality Technologies for Architecture and Construction

We touched on the topic of Augmented Reality before in our post on Mixed Reality and Construction. This article takes a closer look at 9 technologies that are benefitting the AEC industry right now. The benefits of construction aided by reality tools reduces the potential of rework, improves safety, and enhances communication between working teams.


If you’re on the path to implementing these kinds of aids, we highly recommend taking a look at what the industry loves right now in this article.


Arch Daily delivers information and inspiration to architects by collecting important information relevant to the industry in one location.


Time to Read: 5 min


Dodge: Almost Three-Quarters of Contractors Turn to IoT for Risk Management

According to a recent report by Dodge Data & Analytics, more contractors believe that IoT devices are helping their day-to-day activities on the jobsite, ranging from productivity to safety. Construction has always been a higher liability field, and mitigating risk is of high priority on any jobsite. Having the right technology can save your company thousands. Just make sure you’re well-connected, no matter how remote the location.


Construction Dive provides original analysis on the latest happenings in the construction industry to spark ideas and shape agendas.


Time to Read: 3 min


5 Major Construction Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 is halfway over already. If you’re not making moves to adopt these technologies on your jobsite, what are you waiting for? From IoT to Autonomous equipment, technology is only going to become more ingrained in the field.


Connect & Construct is Autodesk’s blog platform used to communicate construction industry relevant breakthroughs and information.


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The Importance of Real-Time Information in Construction

Staying connected on remote jobsites has never been more important. Projects need to stay on time and within budget for construction companies to stay competitive. Data will fuel decisions, but it needs to be current and accessible. Mobile technology is becoming more ingrained on jobsites, but what good is it without the ability to accurately convey the latest information? This article talks about why real-time data is crucial, and our article talks about why major ISPs likely can’t achieve the kind of connectivity you need.


Genie Belt’s mission is to build the future of construction by resolving recurring problems on construction sites.


Time to Read: 8 min


How to Use Mobile Technology in the Construction Industry the Right Way

In conjunction with the previous link, this post talks about the necessity of embedding mobile into your everyday activities on the jobsite. Being able to accurately track records, get up-to-date information, and keep stakeholders in the loop on a more regular basis are just a few key benefits to mobilizing your jobsite. See what other reasons you might want to invest in mobile tech this year.


Genie Belt’s mission is to build the future of construction by resolving recurring problems on construction sites.


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