How much does internet matter to your business?

We all know that the internet is critical to business operations for nearly every industry in the world. But not all businesses need lightning-fast, best-in-class internet, right? Plenty of companies get along fine with a standard cable connection from their local Internet Service Provider (ISP). How do you figure out whether it’s worth the investment for your business to go with something a bit more robust? This graphic – adapted from our Connectivity 101 E-Book – covers some topics to consider when determining the importance of connectivity to your business.

In this infographic, we have identified the following stages of maturity as a general guide to help you determine what level of service your business may require:

Internet Access

At the base of this pyramid, we have Internet Access – any access. Something to get you connected to the internet, regardless of how fast or secure. It’s the obvious first step toward connectivity maturity. If your internet usage is minimal, this is probably where you stop climbing the pyramid and get back to your daily routine.


Next, we layer in bandwidth. Because, if you’re unable to accomplish what you need in a timely manner, your connectivity isn’t actually doing its job. While the current definition of “Broadband Internet” includes bandwidth at 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) download and 3 Mbps upload, the minimum speed is going to vary from business to business, depending on the number of users and the types of applications accessing the internet. Companies who leverage cloud services will surely require more bandwidth than those who manage all systems and data on premise.

And remember that not all bandwidth is created equal. Many types of internet service require the sharing of bandwidth within a geographic radius, meaning that at certain times of day you could experience a significant drop in speed due to increased internet usage in your area.

Reliability & Security

Once you’ve achieved a sufficient level of bandwidth, the next thing you need is a reliable, secure connection. Minimized downtime, maximized security and peace of mind. Again, this will look different for many businesses but is absolutely critical to your ability to continue to digitize your business.


Now you have an internet connection that is fast, secure, and reliable – perfect. What more could you want? How about something that is future-proof? As the technology continues to evolve, as outlined in our previous section, your business’s needs will continue to change. As your company grows, your needs will change. If you add a new location, your needs change dramatically. An internet solution that is scalable and flexible is invaluable to a proactive company looking to prepare for the future.


The last layer of this technological cake is convenience. How much time do you or your team spend monitoring and administering your internet agreements? How much frustration do you experience when dealing with your vendor? The last piece of the puzzle is the PEOPLE who deliver your connectivity solution. When you’ve reached this tier, your provider will actually make your life easier – saving you time and, ultimately, money.


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