Overcome Remote Connectivity Issues on the Jobsite

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Getting a construction site prepped and ready to service your crew requires a lot of work, time, and resources. There are vendors to contact, sites to secure, and contracts to sign, among a long list of other requirements. And don’t forget technology – your teams need to leverage the tools you have invested in to expedite and improve the building process.

Saving time is one area that construction companies are always looking to improve. Wasting time drastically reduces profit. Major ISPs and unreliable connectivity can be a huge time suck. Here’s why:

Sourcing Is Time Consuming

Sourcing connectivity for your jobsite takes time that your IT team may not always have. Coordinating Internet connectivity, especially when you have to serve multiple regions, is the last thing your team wants to do when trying to juggle other priorities.

Because many ISP providers don’t have coverage everywhere, multiple region jobs are often left to source from several different providers. This increases the complexity of managing your connection rapidly while adding unnecessary hours of communication in between.

The Perfect Service Equation

It’s not just as simple as picking any service provider who claims to cover your area. For connectivity services to bring value, vendors need to meet four key criteria:

  • The right coverage
  • Excellent quality
  • Reasonable cost
  • Highly responsive

For every. Single. Site.

The trouble is, that can become more of a wish than an expectation.

Major ISPs Can Be Unreliable

Major ISPs have a huge advantage: they’re hard to compete with, and they know it. Unfortunately, that can result in lackluster customer service, no sense of urgency, and an overall apathetic attitude to the problems they’re supposed to be solving.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You were promised a firm installation date when you signed a contract. The day of installation rolls around and… whoops. They can’t service you as promised. Field personnel can’t use their tech and the only response you get from your provider is “Oops. Our bad.”
  • The ISP has a termination point not even 100 feet from your job trailer, but they want to charge thousands upon thousands of dollars just to drag that line over and hook it up.
  • Your service is installed but your speed is so slow, your workers can’t get anything done. Or your site repeatedly experiences major service outages.

These problems, and more, contribute to the hesitancy to digitize the jobsite. When you spend more time frustrated and disconnected, the tech you’ve invested in suddenly seems like a bad investment, rather than a productivity asset.

It can feel maddening, but we’ve got good news: There’s a better way to connect.

CCR’s Telecom Services: Your Turn-Key Solution

You need a provider who knows how to increase your revenue, manage your risk, reduce your costs, and boost your productivity. A provider who takes the worry of connectivity out of your hands so you can focus on larger goals is the better alternative to major ISPs. You need a team who can set up your connectivity in accordance with your project schedule. You need an end-to-end solution for managing jobsite connectivity.

Find out more about how CCR’s Telecom Services will make implementing Internet at your jobsite a breeze.


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