I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’re getting bombarded with an absurd amount of tech news these days. It can be impossible to keep up with what’s going on – even for those of us who are deeply embedded in the industry. In order to help you navigate the waters of this “Technology Tsunami,” we’ll be sharing regular collections of recent news and blog posts from around the web that are relevant to our readers.


#1  Education Networks of America – Demystifying Managed Services

ENA is a Managed Internet Service Provider serving education and library markets across the U.S. Their post, “Keeping Connected & Protected – The Power of Managed Network Services,” makes some powerful points about the reliability and ease-of-use that a Managed Services Provider can offer to customers in the education universe. But beyond that, their conclusions are also applicable to many other industries – like construction, hospitality, travel, or retail – where reliable broadband access is mission critical. This post gives the reader some excellent tips on what to look for in a MISP.


Time to read: 3-7 minutes


#2  Concrete News – Tech Disruptors in Construction

CCR serves customers in a variety of industries, including AEC. We’re delighted by the influx of tech advancements in the construction industry right now. This article, featuring insights from our friends at Triax Technologies dubs 2018 as the Year of Digital Disruption for the construction industry. Citing developments such as IoT in construction, increasing need for real-time data, and a decline in skilled labor, it’s clear that the industry is about to hit a tipping point where tech is concerned.


Time to read: 5-10 minutes


#3  ZDNet – CIOs across the world are beefing up their IT budgets – here’s what they’re spending it on

In a world being ever shaped by the technologies at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that companies continue to increase investments in tech assets. ZDNet’s survey found that 2/3 of decision makers surveyed are increasing their IT budgets for 2018, as well as listing the top 5 categories CIO’s plan to funnel those extra dollars into. Be sure to check out the other insights from their survey to learn more about tech budgeting trends and considerations (all linked through this article).


Time to read: 3-7 minutes


#4  SilverPeak – SD-WAN Managed Services: Do-it-yourself, or don’t?

If you hover around tech people (or are one yourself), you’ve likely heard the term “SD-WAN” thrown around with increasing frequency over the past couple years. This networking buzzword is far more than just that, and comes with a plethora of business case benefits – but is it the kind of thing you can implement and administer on your own, or does it make more sense to get professional help? This blog post lays out both sides of the argument in simple and effective terms, even including a mini history lesson on the development of SD-WAN over the past few years.


Time to read: 10-15 minutes


Bonus: intro to SD-WAN

If you’re not yet familiar with SD-WAN, Network World has a great all-in-one informational article covering topics such as: the definition of SD-WAN, who needs it, and how to get it.


#5  Hotel Management – Save money and energy through better connectivity

This topic definitely doesn’t just apply to hotels, although they will certainly benefit more than many types of businesses. Nearly every industry can benefit in some way from the automation that comes with connected systems – particularly when it comes to energy management. This article focuses on how these systems are being improved through the use of connected devices, specifically in the lodging industry. From maintenance usage to predictive analytics and even marketing impact, this is a great read for anyone looking to take advantage of technology to help reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility.


Time to read: 15-20 minutes


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