It’s a wild world of technology news out there. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our link roundups compile our top 5 tech news links into a nice, tidy resource for busy business leaders who want to keep up with the latest trends and insights.


Connectivity and Business


1. Tackling the challenge of business internet

This is a topic we touch on pretty frequently around here. Expereo’s take is pretty similar, and most certainly worth a read.  With a quick breakdown of the “basic concepts about the workings of the internet,” this handy guide can help you pinpoint exactly which aspects of your connectivity are (or could be) causing you trouble.


Time to read: 5 min


2. Enterprise bandwidth needs are ever-changing

Enterprise adoption of high-bandwidth networks is on the rise. This interview with Colt CEO, Carl Grivner, by IT Pro Portal takes a look at how the needs of the enterprise have changed as more companies begin to embrace the digital transformation, how cloud connectivity is changing business, and which technologies might impact the future of enterprise networks. Grivner states in the interview, “If cloud is the enabler for this shift in mind-set towards digital transformation, the network is the enabler for the cloud. “


Time to read: 10 min


3. Location intelligence – not as creepy as it sounds

We’re seeing a lot of changes throughout the telecommunications industry, as connected devices and cloud services continue to increase in prevalence. One of the biggest changes on the horizon is the use of Location Intelligence to help telecom providers plan for new infrastructure to support increasing demand. This article from Connected2Fiber dives deep into the subject and its importance for the future of the telecom industry.


Time to read: 7 min


Construction Technology

4. Yet more reasons for construction companies to embrace technology

Safety, organization, competitive advantage – the list goes on. This brief from ConstructionDive takes a look at some of the career and workforce-related reasons that construction companies need to bite the technology bullet. The article takes data from a recent survey, which states that 72% of AEC execs view technology as a part of their vision, but only 5% of respondents claim to be at the forefront of technology adoption, while the majority tend to fall in what we’d call the “late majority” in the technology adoption curve.


Time to read: 6 min


5. It’s a new age in E&C

McKinsey offers a wealth of knowledge regarding technology in all kinds of industries. One of the industries they serve specifically is Engineering and Construction. This article takes a broad look at how technology can be applied to each phase of construction, from Design through O&M. Packed full of infographics and insights on practical applications of different technologies, this is a resource we’ll be coming back to again and again.


Time to read: 12 min


Hotel Technology

6. Technology as a gateway to guest engagement

Hotels are continuously working to engage their guests with experiences that will leave a lasting impression. It’s what will make the guest return again and again, or become loyal to a particular brand. DeepBlue published this post on their blog exploring technologies hotels can and should be leveraging to improve the personalized experience of their guests.


Time to read: 4 min



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