Your days are busy. Our latest Technology Roundup of Construction/Connectivity includes how relationships are shifting in the owner/contractor dynamic, 2019’s top tech trends, how to understand the Internet of Things (IoT), how much inefficiencies are costing your business, and we wrap it all up with a white paper on taking connectivity to the next level with interworking.


1. The Owner/Contractor Relationship Is Changing

Previously, projects used to lie solely in the hands of the contractors, architects, and engineers. Now, owners want to be included in all aspects of a project, improving transparency, clarifying ownership, unifying teams, and aligning goals. All this synchronization boosts efficiency, grows trust, and saves money thanks to technological systems that speed the process and improve communications. The post wraps up with a Case Study on a renovation project at Harvard University.


Time to read: 7 min


2. 2019’s Top 10 Construction Tech Trends

What’s coming for the construction industry in 2019? To highlight just a few of the cool technologies: advances in augmented reality, prefabrication, modularization, self-healing concrete, and more wearable tech. Stay on the cusp of what’s new and next for your industry. Competitive edge relies on it.


Time to read: 9 min


3. A Breakdown of the Internet of Things (IoT)

When it comes to IoT, confusion abounds. We’ve found an article that tidies it up into 4 digestible bits: Hardware, processing, user interface, and connectivity.


Time to read: 3 min


4. The Cost of Inefficiency

The construction industry operates under tight margins. Human error is a common and costly inefficiency. Documentation, storage, communication, accuracy, security, privacy, and processing are all critical business function components easily affected by mistakes. The article points out several ways tech alleviates these issues, thus reducing unnecessary cost.


Time to read: 2 min


5. Interworking: The Connection Between the Clouds

This longer form piece of content is worth the read to stay on the cutting edge of tech. The implications for interworking are massive, and industries like construction would benefit greatly from having their various data connected through the cloud. What if programs could directly communicate? What if one hub had all the information about your business? Time savings and accuracy would skyrocket.


Time to read: 25 min


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