Getting internet access to your business seems like a pretty straightforward thing, right? It’s 2018, after all. All you need to do is figure out who your local providers are and sign an agreement for whatever service they have available. Right? Even though whatever is available may not be what your business needs at the time (insert sad slide whistle).  Maybe you can’t get enough bandwidth to keep your team running efficiently; or maybe you already experience insane amounts of downtime during peak usage hours, causing frustration and total loss of productivity. Or on the other side of the coin, maybe you have WAY more bandwidth than you need and, thus, are overpaying for services you’re not using. And, of course, it’s not uncommon for those agreements to be locked down for 3-5 years, with massive penalties for cancelling early.


What if you had a different option? You might have heard the term “Managed Internet” before, but most people don’t realize there is a whole group of providers out there (Managed Internet Service Providers) who can give you more in the way of actual SERVICE – the personal kind – plus a whole slew of added benefits over traditional internet providers.


Here are a few general ways that Managed Internet Service Providers (MISPs) do business:

  • Internet service based on the client’s need

  • 24/7 monitoring & maintenance

  • Always-available support team staffed by certified technicians

  • Usage and uptime reporting

  • More than a transactional relationship


MISPs tend to have long-standing partnerships with providers large and small – meaning that you will receive the right (and this part is very important) connection, with the right speeds, and – best of all – right level of service for your business.


There are so many different kinds of MISPs out there, all offering services targeted toward a different type of customer. In general, though, MISPs start by providing internet backbone/ bandwidth solutions and then layer in ongoing monitoring and maintenance of that service, as well as security and network design services. We break it down much further in our new e-book: “Connectivity 101,” along with some cool insights on the internet industry as a whole.


CCR is a MISP operating throughout the entire U.S. and Canada. We set ourselves apart from the competition by really focusing on our customers’ needs and delivering smart and simple solutions that help them sleep better at night, knowing their network is in good hands. We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-internet-shop, and we hope you will see us that way, too. Let us show you how we can simplify your connectivity by requesting a free consultation today.


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