Upgrade Your Business to Office 365

What is Office 365? Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for your Microsoft suite products. It includes software and services held in a monthly subscription, with high storage capacity, collaboration tools, document creation apps, and a revamped email/calendar system.   As Email and Collaboration are two large components of any business, we’re going to [...]

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How to Scale Your Business Technology Budget

Tech budgets can be unwieldy. Here are ideas to wrangle yours. Technology is leveling the playing field between businesses of all sizes, but it’s also creating a steep curve for ones that don’t understand how tech adoption is now crucial to an organization's continued growth and success. But “adopting technology” [...]

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10 Reasons to Migrate Your Business to a Cloud-Based Solution

Thinking about migrating your business to the cloud? Here are 10 ways cloud computing improves your business strategy   1. Lower cost-of-entry When it comes to software, businesses have grown accustomed to the up-front costs associated with adopting a new platform: licensing, server space, training, etc. With cloud services, licensing is spread over a [...]

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In-House IT vs. Managed IT Services

IT by the Numbers Small business owners face a number of challenges, but one of the biggest is the struggle to contain operating costs. What’s more, one of the most difficult expenses to manage is often the IT budget.   We know that infrastructure is essential to business operations, so that becomes priority #1 [...]

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How to Create a Tech Disaster Recovery Plan

Planning gets a bad reputation for being boring and tedious, but when disaster strikes, your plan for recovery will make or break your company's ability to bounce back. Creating a technology recovery plan one of the most valuable things you can do for your business.   Why is Having a Recovery Plan Critical? A recovery [...]

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Break/Fix vs. Managed Services: Choosing the IT Solution That’s Right for Your Business

Break/Fix vs. Managed Services – What’s the Difference? If you don’t have the right in-house resources to manage all the IT needs for your business, you may be considering enlisting some help. It can be challenging and confusing to step into the world of third-party providers. There are various business models in the industry [...]

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12 Types of Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Face

With over a dozen types of potential cybersecurity threats, protecting your business is seriously complex. 52% of small-to-medium businesses don’t have a dedicated IT department (or person), but rather, spread the duties across other roles who may not be the best defense against cyberattacks. This is startling when cross-referenced with the knowledge that 80% of [...]

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Your Healthcare Organization Needs to Urgently Consider a Managed IT Provider

Why should your organization care about technology? Simple: Security and compliance. In hospitals alone, the number of connected devices per bed falls in the 10-15 range. While connected devices take healthcare services to the next level, they do pose potential security threats.   The Data According to Arcserve’s 2018 data, “64 percent of global IT [...]

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The Cybersecurity Disaster Recovery Plan You Need

We’ve talked about creating a Technology Disaster Plan. We’ve provided a guide on how to recover from a physical technology disaster. Now, we’re going to address the importance of having a cybersecurity recovery plan in place.   Cybersecurity risks are harder to pin down than other types of business disasters. To quote Mike Osborne, founding [...]

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Protect Your Small Business from Cryptojacking

There’s a shift in cybercrime happening of the “silent but deadly” variety.   Instead of holding information hostage for ransom (to be clear, this isn’t going away), they hack into your system to use your network power for personal gain through a process called cryptojacking.   What Is Cryptojacking? To understand cryptojacking, you first have [...]

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