Why You Need a Technology Service Provider

When it comes to IT security for your business, two things ring true: You don’t know what you don’t know, and There are no warning signs of security gaps   In fact, 56% of security breaches take months - sometimes longer - to discover, according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. By the time [...]

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The Importance of Strong Passwords (And How to Create Them)

You’ve probably heard about this a lot, but the importance of strong passwords really can’t be understated. Unfortunately, a lot of the “common advice” you’re probably following isn’t doing you much good.   If you’re thinking, “We’re a small business. What aren’t a multi-billion dollar company… They won’t target us,” think again. With small businesses, [...]

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What the Future of Your Business Looks Like with an IT Partner

When it comes to the daily function of your company's technology systems, what's the one thing you want? If you're not really sure, the answer's actually pretty simple: You probably just want them to WORK, right? Without having to think about it, without any effort on your part, you just want your tech to do [...]

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4 Questions You MUST Ask While Planning Your IT Budget

Have you started thinking about your IT Budget? It’s that time of year when we begin making plans and goals for the upcoming year in our business. Whether your organization is in this process now, a little behind schedule, or not quite at that level of proactive planning yet, we have a few key topics [...]

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Electronic Safety Checklist for Business Travel

Business travel is nothing new. Nor is taking technology along for the trip. But as we become more reliant on our tech, we must be more vigilant about our protection, especially with business documents. Hackers watch for unsuspecting business travelers. Before you go, make sure you've prepared your tech tools for secure travel.   Before [...]

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Why RFPs Don’t Work for IT Services

Ah, the Request For Proposal (RFP). For some industries, it’s the golden standard. For others, it’s seemingly easier than shopping around. And before we rag on them, they do have their time and place… just not in Managed IT Services.   Why shouldn’t you use an RFP for IT services?   1. They’re time-consuming. Unless [...]

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Tech Link Round-Up #8

We’re back with another technology link roundup! This month, we’re focused on security, preventing ransomware, keeping your small business safe from cybersecurity risks, and why resisting technology adoption in your small business is unwise.   Get Ready for a Ransomware Tsunami Get your organization trained on cybersecurity protocol and invest in an IT team that [...]

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Simple Steps to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

In a recent article, we discussed the rise of cryptojacking affecting businesses. However, this doesn’t negate the prevalence of ransomware and data invasion as a hacktic.   According to the Ponemon Institute for IMB Security’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average time it takes to detect a data breach is 191 days, with [...]

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Tech Link Round-Up #7

This month, we’re hitting hard on the importance of cybersecurity protection by highlight some stories from around the web of those who did not heed best practices. Your customer data, your reputation, and your finances are on the line. Neglecting these protocols is not an option.   Too Many Businesses Taking The Impersonation Phishing Attack [...]

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3 Tests to Assess Your Company’s Cybersecurity

We talk a lot about keeping your business safe from cybercrime, whether we’re addressing industry-specific issues, like those for healthcare and banking, or general tips to fight off phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, and other major cybersecurity threats. But how do you know if the measures you’re taking to protect your business from cybercrime are working? [...]

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