We’re back with another technology link roundup! This month, we’re focused on security, preventing ransomware, keeping your small business safe from cybersecurity risks, and why resisting technology adoption in your small business is unwise.


Get Ready for a Ransomware Tsunami

Get your organization trained on cybersecurity protocol and invest in an IT team that can thwart ransomware attacks. Once criminals see ransomware working effectively, it only encourages more attacks toward entities in similar industries. Worse, it may encourage hackers to attack the same areas multiple times. They know they’ll get paid; it just reinforces the effectivity of their strategy. The best way to prevent them is to make it impossibly difficult to occur. This happens with thorough and on-going training.


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4 Tips for Building a Strong Security Culture

One of the biggest issues companies face when trying to strengthen internal security is by implementing fear tactics. When employees fear being blamed, they’re far less likely to report incidents when they happen, if at all, and when it comes to a breach in cybersecurity, time is of the utmost essence. This article outlines 4 ways to create a strong culture without fear by leaning on trust and open communication.


CSO is aimed at providing critical information to key security decision-makers and users about threats and cyberattacks.


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Cyber Actors Exploit ‘Secure’ Websites in Phishing Campaigns

Straight from the FBI, this press release that went out on June, 10 2019 advises users to beware that websites with the https signature may not be as secure as you once thought. Typically noted by the lock symbol next to the web address, cyber criminals have leverage this and other verification tactics to fool users. Follow the listed advice and if in doubt, don’t click!


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Small Business, Big Cybersecurity Risk

Being a small business doesn’t opt you out of being a cyberattack target. In fact, it likely makes you more of a target. Many small businesses neglect cybersecurity thinking that it requires a huge investment to protect your business and your customer data. One of the best ways to prevent an attack is through awareness and training.


SmallBiz Technology was created to educate business owners and entrepreneurs on the use of strategic technology implementation to grow business.


Time to Read: 4.5 min


Why Boosting Productivity Means Innovating Small Business Technology

Though this article takes place in the UK, the advice is still the same: small businesses need to leverage tech not only for sustainable growth but for employee retention and attraction, as well. Though resistance to adopting new technology isn’t new, it is futile. Companies but adapt to stay relevant.


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Time to Read: 6 min


Whether you’re trying to protect your business or grow, it’s important to know the basics. Check out:


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