The 2020 Business IT Checklist

2020 is right around the corner. Your business may be up to speed, or it may need a few upgrades. Use our checklist to make sure you’re investing correctly in your business technology.   Switch to Office365 Being able to do business from anywhere can come in handy, especially with unforeseen circumstances and the remote [...]

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Upgrade Your Business to Office 365

What is Office 365? Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for your Microsoft suite products. It includes software and services held in a monthly subscription, with high storage capacity, collaboration tools, document creation apps, and a revamped email/calendar system.   As Email and Collaboration are two large components of any business, we’re going to [...]

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Should Your Small Business Invest in Cybersecurity Insurance?

We’ve discussed the use of strong passwords. We’ve covered the many different cyberattacks that target businesses. Armed with this knowledge, it makes sense to seek out additional ways to prevent financial loss from the damage cyberattacks can cause.   Your small business isn’t safe from cybersecurity hacks. In fact, hackers often target smaller companies because [...]

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Make the Switch to Windows 10

Using Microsoft Windows 7? You need an upgrade.   Though the operating system will be supported until January 2020, your business needs to make the switch to Windows 10 now for a stronger, more secure solution that encompasses all the needs of an enterprise network.   Can I wait to upgrade to Windows 10 until [...]

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