Live from Cedar Rapids: It’s CCR (on Facebook)!

If you don’t follow CCR on Facebook, you’re missing out. We’ve recently started hosting monthly Q&A live videos with really great success. This has been a fun way to get to know our followers and really understand what IT problems they are facing in their respective businesses.


Small Business Tech Challenges

For our first venture into live video, we went pretty generic. We just wanted to hear from our followers: what challenges are you facing in your business when it comes to technology, and what specific questions do you have regarding those topics? We received a good handful of questions and selected a few to answer live, covering a range of topics, including:

  1. Networking and backup practices
  2. Operating systems – Do I need to update?
  3. What is a firewall?
  4. What to do when my team hates our software
  5. How to start migrating to cloud services
  6. Prevention of data loss during hardware updates
  7. What to look for in an internal IT hire



Best Practices for IT Budgeting

Our second video event was a big one. IT Budgeting is a thing that is probably painful for a lot of business owners, and we’re right in the heat of budget season right now. We wanted to make sure to tackle this topic in bite-sized chunks, so we put out our feelers, and sorted audience questions into 5 main topics:

  1. The Hidden Costs of IT
  2. Understanding IT Overhead
  3. Budgeting for Innovation
  4. Budgeting for the Unexpected
  5. Preventing Budget Creep


Of course, this barely scratches the surface of the considerations one needs to make when budgeting for business technologies, so we’re going to get to work on turning each of these topics into its own video in the near future – stay tuned for that (and follow us on FB so you don’t miss it)!


What’s keeping YOU up at night?

As a business leader, what questions do you have about IT? What technology topics keep you up at night? We’d love the opportunity to address your questions in an upcoming video! Send us an email or a Facebook message with whatever it is that has been plaguing you.


Want more value? New Resources for Eastern Iowa Business Leaders


On a slightly (but not completely) unrelated note, here’s something new we’re doing that we’re really excited about and strongly believe in:

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