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It’s a wild world of technology news out there. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our link roundups compile our top 5 tech news links for small & medium businesses into a nice, tidy resource for busy business leaders who want to keep up with the latest trends and insights.


#1 Getting the most out of automation for your business

Home automation is the name of the game in consumer technology right now, but what about for your business? What can automation do to help save you time and money on business processes? This article by Brandon Frere takes a high-level look at ways businesses are leveraging workflow technologies to cut down on the manual performance repetitive tasks in the workplace.


Time to read: 3 min


#2 The 5 tech things every business leader should be thinking about

Tech adoption requires a lot of foresight. Investing and adopting and scaling… it’s complex and risky and probably pretty stressful if you’re not necessarily technologically inclined. Even if you are, this article from the IT Pro Portal is full of insights and considerations business leaders should be thinking about when it comes to their technology. From hardware to cloud applications and cyber security, these 5 topics apply to every business – big or small.


Time to read: 5 min


#3 Not all tech is for everyone

Sometimes it simply doesn’t make sense for your business to invest in a new technology. How do you decide which tech has the potential to launch your company to new heights, and which might just drag you back down? According to this blog post, choosing to pass on technology “… [Flies] in the face of conventional wisdom—which is to adopt new technology at a rigorous pace to avoid losing competitive edge.” But sometimes it’s the right decision for the long term. The post breaks down 4 questions you can consider when evaluating whether or not to take the plunge.


Time to read: 4 min


#4 Cloud power

Cloud technology is everywhere. It’s being embraced by consumers and businesses, alike at an unbelievable rate. But aside from the convenience of “available anywhere” data, the cloud is actually making us more efficient, too. This article on the TechNative blog lists just a few ways that cloud technology is making things easier on businesses today.


Time to read: 3 min


#5 The nature of business is changing, and tech is to blame

We touched on the subject in our post, “4 Ways Technology is Disrupting Business in 2018,” but this Forbes article dives deep into some of the more sociological ways that technology has affected the way the world does business. With instant access to a depthless pool of talent via the internet, many companies are turning to contractual talent and decentralized workforces. Among other observations, the author discusses how business owners and leaders are exploring technology as a means of encouraging agility in their organizations.


Time to read: 7 min




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