Proactive monitoring is becoming a buzzword, selling point, and service that nearly every IT provider should be offering. But what exactly does proactive service mean and what does it do for your business?


As a business leader, the last thing you have time for is outages, like:


Your focus needs to be on running and growing the business, not putting out technology fires.


Most IT providers who offer managed services talk about proactive service and that’s because it’s important. Let’s take a look at why.


How Proactive Services improves your day-to-day

Do you know how much downtime costs your business when technology isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to?


Here’s a rough calculation:

Cost of Downtime (per hour) = Lost Revenue + Lost Productivity + Recovery Costs + Intangible Costs



Lost Revenue = Revenue/hr  x  downtime (hrs)  x  uptime (%)

Uptime = % of time your site is operational and online

Lost Productivity = Employee Salary/hr  x  Utilization %  x  # employees

Utilization % = estimated productivity percentage based on uptime


You can find the entire explanation here.


The intangible costs and recovery costs will vary depending on the source of downtime. If you get hacked, the data recovery and damage control will cost more than if a computer fails. But the bottom line is that any downtime is costly.


Combat downtime

Proactive services are designed to combat the loss that comes with downtime. A dedicated team monitors your network, devices, services, and platforms to ensure that any signs of potential failure or interruptions are stopped before they can occur.


When you’re paying top dollar for managed services, you expect the full concierge experience, meaning:

  • No tech interruptions
    Your technology stays updated on a schedule (for both hardware and software) so that you don’t have devices dying in the middle of the workday.
  • No lengthy downtimes
    As seen above, downtime gets expensive quickly.
  • SLA backed contracts
    You want a guarantee and a legally binding document that says your managed service provider will deliver on their promises.
  • Data backup and recovery strategy
    The cost of lost data goes beyond dollar amounts.
  • Intuitive user experience with your programs, tech, and other
    Bringing new technology onboard is only helpful when your team can easily use it.


Prevent Problems Before They Start

Is your business being proactive? Crossing your fingers and hoping your business won’t suffer any digital failings is no way to prepare. No business is too small to avoid a cyberattack. No business is too advanced to not need a little extra help from experts in their field. Uncertain about the cost? Check out our post on this.


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