Knowing where to invest in technology can be difficult. We’ve collected the top IT news from around the web to help your business understand where funds should be devoted. Don’t leave yourself prey to cybercriminals or stunted business growth. Check out the articles below!


Cyberhygiene: The Fundamental Cornerstone of Good Security

Good hygiene isn’t just something pre-teens should practice. Your business’s safety depends on your employees practicing good cybersecurity. Cyberhygiene has three fundamental parts: proactive, detective, and reactive security. Give it a skim and beef up your business’s hygienic technology practices.

Time to Read: 4 min


The Death of Privacy

With security breaches right and left, no longer can businesses simply rely on their in-house IT departments to handle the scope of cybersecurity. Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT) creates an added level of complexity in keeping businesses secure. All those smart devices leave opportunities for cybercriminals to attack. If you’re not already thinking about protecting your privacy and the privacy of your clients, this article will light that fire. We recommend swiftly changing directions if you’re not already on board.

Time to Read: 10 min


The Nutritious Security Burrito (Pt 1)
Security Burrito Part 2: Nutritional Value Back Up

Who knew burritos could be so informationally nutritious? This article uses a burrito building metaphor to make the components of cybersecurity easier to visualize. This two-part article is worth the read. We recommend grabbing a real burrito to accompany it.

Time to Read Part 1: 4.5 min
Time to Read Part 2: 5 min


Driving Value with Business-Led Technology Strategy & Selection

Driving technological transformation requires a team who understands the benefits one streamlined process can provide. Save time, add value, and reduce costs by supporting 1 system instead of multiples. Consolidating your strategy will make your life easier, as well as easing the job of your IT team.

Time to Read: 5 min


Ten Trends Redefining Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Want to know what’s changing for enterprise IT infrastructure? This article has ten trends paving the way for a better business future, including where the hardware infrastructure market will shift, how open source offerings may take over more traditional methods, and how “as-a-service” continues to change the consumer landscape.

Time to Read: 10 min


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