From non-profit protection to ransomware cover-ups, this month’s tech link round-up covers all the things we’ve been reading recently. Are you about to transform your business to digital? Check out the third article. Worried about how all those mobile devices are affecting your company’s security? That’s article 4. And if you’re in Healthcare and you haven’t been paying attention to the rise of 5G, we recommend you scroll to the bottom of this post first.


Email-based Attacks Against Nonprofits Are On The Rise. Is Your Organization Vulnerable?

Non-profits aren’t exempt from the world of cyberattacks. The most common form attackers use on this industry is a payroll change request. Typically, they’ll say a new checking account number must be used, but there’s an excuse as to why they can’t complete the form but encourages HR to push the request through using a social engineering tactic that preys on trust and mutual respect. It’s important to train your teams because hackers don’t look to breach your security through brute force; they look to get in through human error.


Time to Read: 6.5 min


How hackers use ransomware to hide data breaches and other attacks

Ransomware is devastating to any business, but what happens when the attack isn’t just about holding your data for ransom in exchange for payment? A new worry developing in the cybersecurity stratosphere is the possibility that ransomware may actually be used to cover a much larger attack lurking in the background. To stop this problem before it starts, thoroughly train your employees to spot signs of an attack. (We know we sound like a broken record, but training is so important for prevention!)


Time to Read: 9 min


What to Look for When Addressing Digital Transformation Security Requirements

Security management for your business shouldn’t be overly complex. There are five key things to look for when making the transformation to purely digital business. All of this accessibility comes with risks, especially when you add mobile devices, IoT devices, and more. You need to prepare accordingly to protect yourself, whether you’re doing it in-house or outsourcing to a third-party provider.


Time to Read: 6.5 min


4 Tips for Rock-Solid Mobile Security

The importance of mobile security is only going to grow, and personal devices will continue to increase as the smart device movement develops. Start with mobile, get a procedure in place, train on best practices, and avoid problems down the line. Connecting to devices can pose a security threat. Lags in app updates can allow hackers to worm their way in. So much more vulnerability lurks because of mobile devices.


Time to Read: 5.5 min


Why 5G Will Be a Game-Changer for Healthcare

With wearable technologies and faster, more reliable mobile connections, the healthcare industry expects to see faster adoption of technology than it has been known for. With faster data shared and accessed across vast, complex networks involving sensors and a myriad of devices, healthcare could see dramatic improvements in the quality of healthcare, for both in and outpatients.


Time to Read: 4 min


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