You’ll notice a trend with this round-up, and that’s because 2019 is all about security. From ensuring you’ve got patch updates installed, to recognizing and avoiding phishing attempts, we’ve gathered the top resources you should read during your lunch break to protect your business.


The New Ways We Could Get Hacked (and Defended) in 2019

2018 was a year for cybercrime, but what’s coming in 2019? Fast Company predicts a rise of AI for malware purposes, smarter phishing tactics, and more. Read on to find out how best to protect your company, and start considering outsourcing your IT to someone with security expertise.


Time to Read: 12.5 min


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Complete with an easy-to-follow infographic, Rackware discusses the importance of utilizing disaster recovery as a service (or DRaaS). This provides a failsafe for your business should a natural or man-made disaster occur. This method focuses on a short recovery period, meaning that the objective is to return data to its most “now” version within 4 hours of an incident. Read more to find out why DRaaS is something you should consider in 2019, and take a look at this video of how CCR helped a client recover from a business fire.


Time to Read: 5 min


Hot Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2019

This article hits the numbers, with projected global spend on cybersecurity somewhere between $90 and $124 billion. They also predict the cost of a cybersecurity attack will rise, with cryptojacking increasing 600% and fileless attacks increasing in success. The more you know, the better you can train your employees.


Time to Read: 5 min


Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects for Q3 2018

Which subject lines fool people into clicking on malicious links or opening bad files? KnowBe4 compiled a quarter’s worth of most-clicked subjects that people fell prey to in email for 2018. Learn how to spot them and understand the importance of regularly training and refreshing your employees on how to spot fishy phishing attempts.


Time to Read: 4.5 min


Latest Windows 10 Security Patches Include a Fix that Should Be Urgently Applied

TechRadar highlights the importance of patch updates in this article, not only for the Windows 10 operating system, but for applications on Microsoft computers, as well. The hole discovered could potentially allow hackers to remote into PC’s and execute code, which puts your data at great risk. Ensure your IT provider applies patch updates in a timely and efficient manner when selecting an outsourced team.


Time to Read: 2 min


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