Overcome Connectivity Issues on the Jobsite

Getting a construction site prepped and ready to service your crew requires a lot of work, time, and resources. There's a long list of requirements to be met, often before you even begin to consider technology. Your teams need to leverage the tools you've invested in to expedite and improve the building process. Saving time [...]

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Your Lean Construction Site Requires Reliable Connectivity Services

On a construction project, high-quality work is first and foremost, according to 74% of managers. Rework is costly and time-consuming, and as with all projects, staying on time is the bane of any project manager’s existence. Fortunately, with the implementation of lean construction methods, time waste decreases and quality improves. There’s less overproduction, waiting, inventory, [...]

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Connecting the Dots for Business Intelligence in Construction

Construction projects are complex. You have contractors who need to coordinate, timelines to manage, materials to track, and budgets to maintain. On top of that, most of the teams who collaborate with each other may not use the same programs, applications, or software to track, create, or store their data for a project. We’ve talked [...]

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5G: A Revolution for Construction Connectivity

A few years ago, 4G was the next big thing. It claimed to deliver speeds 10x faster than 3G, with a 6 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload time. It served to resolve the network congestion and speed issues that came with 3G, but now we’re on the cusp of another evolution: 5G.   5G: [...]

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Construction Link Round-Up #5

This month, we’re hammering on construction technologies and the many benefits they bring to construction teams. Boost safety, reduce risk, improve productivity… what’s not to love? Staying relevant requires adapting, and we are in the age of digitization. Don’t forget to make sure your site is properly connected before you rely too heavily on applications [...]

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Better Connected: Stanley Black & Decker Partners With CCR to Support Digital Transformation in Construction

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, June 19, 2019 - ​​​​Circle Computer Resources, Inc. (CCR) is partnering with Stanley Black & Decker / DEWALT to bring turn-key connectivity to construction companies throughout North America.   This partnership couples CCR’s extensive IT services and networking expertise with one of the most trusted names in the industry for tools and [...]

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Prefabricated and Modular Buildings for Construction

Prefabricated and modular construction are not new concepts to builders, but they are beginning to disrupt the industry as the go-to method for many large-scale, high-profile projects. Three big drivers contribute to this shift: the types of projects, their locations, and the lack of skilled labor in the field.   Further, the US Bureau of [...]

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Hypermodeling Aids the Construction Design Phase

Planning is arguably the most important phase of construction. This is where designs are laid out, teams coordinate schedules, and everyone gets ready to build. Mistakes made in this phase lead to time delays and unnecessary cost due to rework. So as the saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” Or in this case: “Plan twice, [...]

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Construction Link Round-Up #4

This month, we’re tackling insurance coverage, analytics for IoT sensors, empowering tech champions, and addressing the need for cybersecurity regulation on digital tools for the jobsite. We even threw in an interactive map of some of the biggest construction projects taking place across the US. Check out what we’ve been reading, and feel free to [...]

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