What is Office365?

Microsoft Office365 is the cloud-based solution for your Microsoft suite. This includes both software and services in a monthly subscription, chock full of storage, collaboration tools, document creation apps, and a revamped email/calendar system.

As Email and Collaboration are two large components of any business, we’re focusing in on those here.


What’s new in email? Many things, but we’ve highlighted our two favorites:

  • A cloud-based mail server allows for anywhere access
    • Being able to access remotely is a huge benefit to a business, especially during times of crisis. A natural disaster occurs, an accident happens, someone breaks into your business, etc. you can still access your files, contact those necessary, and reinforce protective measures.
  • Native anti-spam tech from Microsoft
    • Despite best efforts, many employees forget best practices when it comes to cybersecurity. Email is exceptionally vulnerable in this way; hackers have gotten smarter, using internal email addresses or sending emails from an employee to that employee. While you’d think this would seem fishy, the open rates tend to reflect more “curiosity killed the cat” than “something smells fishy.” Built-in anti-spam helps prevent those little slips from infecting your entire network.

Why should I switch from Exchange?

With Office 365, you can access your information from anywhere. This is useful if there’s an emergency, a time-sensitive issue that comes up while you’re out of office, or a crisis occurs.

Aside from the convenience of anywhere access, Office 365 offers better protection than Exchange thanks to the anti-spam feature listed above, as well as a few other 365 programs designed to make your computer a fortress against hackers.

Integration is an added benefit. By being able to connect your Office365 to other applications, like HR platforms, time tracking, marketing automation, and more, your business stays connected and streamlined without missing a beat.

Document Management


If you need to collaborate in-real-time, Sharepoint is the ultimate tool. With it, teams can create custom, secure sites for different departments, teams, and individuals. Another useful capability: A company-wide dashboard for announcements and news.


Complete with built-in security and share folders, OneDrive is the warehouse for personal documentation storage. It has up to 1 TB (terabyte) per user and allows access to edit files from anywhere on any device.

To wrap up, Office 365 provides businesses with options should an urgent need arise away from or without an office. Top benefits:

  • More email storage (50MB mail + 1TB doc)
  • Additional security and privacy with your email and documents
  • Redundancy and reliability by backing up to the cloud
  • Accessibility from anywhere thanks to cloud storage
  • Scalable platform that allows for added users as your company grows

As a small-to-medium business in the Cedar Rapids area, your time and resources are incredibly valuable. Your IT partner is there to handle these transitions for you and advise you on how to maximize your time and efficiency.

Bonus: Learn lessons from another local business on the importance of being able to access your information off-site by watching our YouTube video. Find out how they were able to return to operations so quickly after a large business fire.


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